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November 28, 2011
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2014 Press Release



Eager volunteers for the 2014 USPS Letters to Santa
program can’t easily find postal branches offering kids’ letters



Why should reporters or anchors mention in their coverage of the USPS program?



Unlike, the site makes the 2014 list of participating USPS postal branches easy to find. It also provides the best tips online for volunteering!




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Fox News Segment  December 15, 2013


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MSNBC Story with Be An Elf spokesperson, December 4, 2011


Fox News Channel Story with Be An Elf spokesperson, December 5, 2011



December 2nd, Los Angeles, New York City and 18 other major cities – National news coverage is expected this week of the USPS Letters to Santa program, which distributes to the public real letters to Santa from needy kids every year.



At, however, information on how and where to volunteer is hard to find.



On December 2nd, the Postal Service kicked off its 2014 Letters to Santa program at the James Farley Station in New York City.



Reporters covering the story of the USPS Letters to Santa should mention or ask anchors do it, or post a link on media outlet websites. Why? The site readily shows people where and how to volunteer.



The problem is, eager volunteers inspired by a news story will search on and come up with no relevant results. is the best online guide available, and a great tag for stories on USPS Letters to Santa.



In 2014 volunteers can adopt letters to Santa Claus in 20 major cities, sent by needy kids asking Santa for “a warm coat,” “food or clothes,” or “shoes for my older brother,” and then mail their gifts directly to the child or family they adopt.



Be An Elf is a much-needed resource letting the public know where and how they can volunteer effectively. The site offers an easy-to-find list of this year’s participating postal branches, along with the hours of operation, tips for volunteering, photos, and samples of actual children’s letters. There is also a Press Room for journalists with high resolution images.



Children’s Santa letters may be picked up at a single postal branch in 20 US cities this year, including New York, Chicago, Washington DC, San Francisco, Boston, Orlando, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Houston, Los Angeles and 10 others. is the best online guide to the USPS Letters to Santa. The website offers tips for gifts, like backpacks and school supplies, and suggests including a small gift for Moms, who the site notes are often single and living below the poverty line.



Be An Elf also smartly recommends that volunteers share the work and the fun, and organize Christmas gatherings where volunteers and their friends wrap gifts together.



Some people feel alone and sad over the holidays, and will find comfort by being part of this program. Others have families and bring their children to teach them the true meaning of Christmas.



Be An Elf’s home page notes, “There’s no middle man or charity. It’s micro-philanthropy, direct from you to a child, when you volunteer in this way. You’ll catch the true spirit of Christmas, and put smiles on the faces of needy kids on Christmas morning.”



The non-profit group was founded in 2004 by Patrick Reynolds, a longtime volunteer for Letters to Santa, initially to increase public awareness of the program. hopes that reporters will include a mention of the site at the end of their story about the wonderful USPS program, so that the public can easily learn where their nearest postal branch is, and get the best tips available for how to effectively volunteer.





Press contacts:


Patrick Reynolds, aka “Elf Patrick”
(310) 880-1111


Be An Elf

Be An Elf’s mission is to make underprivileged children smile on Christmas morning, and to inspire the public with the real spirit of the holidays. Every December the group recruits new volunteers for the USPS Operation Santa program, which for just over 100 years has been distributing to the public real letters to Santa written by needy kids. The letters often ask Santa only for food, warm blankets, new shoes for an older brother, or other basic necessities.


Volunteers from the public may read letters to Santa every December at a handful of participating post offices around the US. They take home ones that move them most, and send that family their gifts. There’s no middle man or charity; it’s micro-philanthropy, direct from every volunteer to a child. Volunteers catch the true spirit of the holidays, and put smiles on the faces of underprivileged kids on Christmas morning.


Each Christmas season, Be An Elf recruits new volunteers who send gifts to needy families. The first week of December, Be An Elf posts a national list of current participating postal locations. Be An Elf’s site also provides the public with the best information available about how to volunteer for this wonderful holiday program. To learn more, visit



Source: BE AN ELF



List of 2014 branches:




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