Beanelf Press Release 2011

HEADLINE: offers best info on the USPS Operation Santa program, and where to get Letters to Santa from needy children




A great way to catch Christmas spirit and the real meaning of Christmas – Christmas volunteers welcome – One of the top ten Christmas charities – Volunteer at Christmas!



New York City, Los Angeles, Boston —

This week is the kickoff for the US Postal Service Operation Santa program, which every year offers letters to Santa written by underprivileged children.


Those who wish to volunteer at Christmas may pick up letters asking Santa for “a warm coat”, “food or clothes” or “shoes for my older brother,” clearly written by kids who need a brighter Christmas, and then mail their gifts to the child. It’s micro-philanthropy, direct from volunteers to children. Christmas volunteers can catch the real spirit of Christmas.


The website provides the best guide available on how to participate in the USPS Operation Letters to Santa program. It lets people know how and where to get letters to Santa, lists participating postal branches, offers photos and tips for gifts like backpacks, school supplies, new clothes, books, and a small gift for Moms, who are “often single and living below the poverty line.”


Some who feel alone and sad over the holidays find comfort and inspiration in volunteering for the program. Others have families and bring their kids to teach them the meaning of Christmas. The letters to Santa distributed by the US Postal Service are sent not only by children, but by single moms who may not have enough money to buy their kids gifts at Christmas.


Be An Elf suggests news editors assign reporters to visit a “North Pole Room” or “Operation Santa Room” at a participating postal branch, and interview — and then follow — real volunteers, and mention this site. See our full length news release with high resolution video and photos.


Be An Elf‘s mission is to create public awareness of the USPS program, help people volunteer at Christmas for it, offer tips for participating and where Operation Santa branches are, to inspire people with the real meaning of Christmas and spirit of Christmas – and to put smiles on more needy children’s faces on Christmas morning. Be An Elf was founded by Patrick Reynolds.
The USPS has quietly offered children’s letters to Santa since 1912.  @Howtobeanelf


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