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We will read your message with interest, but sadly, please know we are often unable to reply, because we are flooded with mail here.

Please read the below carefully before you contact us.

If you are seeking gifts for your children, this is not the place to write to Santa.


Be An Elf answers letters to Santa ONLY distributed by one of the participating postal branches. We do send gifts to needy children and families, but we do not answer letters sent to us directly. Instead, send your letter to Santa in care of the address of one of the post offices on our list of current participating postal branches. It’s best to mail your letter about December 1st.

We’re hoping in future to raise enough funds to send thousands of gifts every year, but we will always send gifts ONLY in response to letters our volunteers get at participating USPS postal branches, not ones sent to us directly. Our primary mission is to let the public know about the USPS program, to inspire volunteers to participate in it, get needy kids more gifts sent by our volunteers, and to fill people with the real spirit of Christmas.


If you have enough food and clothes, children should simply address their letters to Santa Claus, North Pole, and he will get it. No problem!

If you do not have enough food or clothes, Santa has elves in many cities who have special workshops, and they want to help Santa. Visit our National Directory of Operation Santa postal branches, and click on the link in the top center of the page. Find the list of Operation Santa postal branches, and send your letter to Santa Claus. Be sure to add the address of the postal branch nearest to you. Do not write to us.

It’s best to send your letter in late November or early December.

You should know that children who ask for X-boxes and new computers will not likely inspire volunteer elves to help Santa send those things. Instead, write a few details about your family circumstances and situation in your letter to Santa. If Mom or Dad are out of work, let Santa know that. You might ask Santa for a warm sweatshirt or coat, or new shoes, a warm blanket, a backpack for school, school supplies that you need, books, canned foods, or other basic needs. Do not ask for Santa for cash, because Santa does NOT send cash, ever! He only brings gifts.

What about special medical needs? It’s possible that a volunteer might even pass your letter along to who a doctor will take care of your child’s medical needs “pro bono” (for free). There is no harm in asking Santa! It will all depend on the letter that you or your children write, and whether the volunteer is moved by it and forwards your letter along to a doctor they know. The best idea would be to write directly to every specialist in your area yourself, or ask for your Mom’s help.

Do not send photocopies of the same Santa letter, as that looks like you are spamming Santa and will turn volunteer elves off. Santa does not like that! Some families have done this, and we dont think those photocopied letters were ever answered. Just tell a few details about your situation, send one letter per child or parent, and all will be well. Remember that there are many more letters than there are volunteer elves to answer them.

Remember, we do not send gifts.

To make sure that you are not the only one in the family getting gifts from Santa, we recommend that you write to Santa as a family, or at least mention to Santa your brothers and sisters in your letter to Santa. Be sure to give Santa everyone’s ages and clothing sizes in your letter!

Please do not send letters to Santa to our address. Santa will not get your letter here.

We do send gifts to needy children, but we do not answer letters sent to us directly. You must address your letter to Santa Claus and send it care of the address of one of the post offices on the list participating postal branches. The best bet is always to send your letter in early December.


Our email: elf(at)

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