Real Letters

Real Letters to Santa

In December, 2017, Be An Elf adopted 52 letters to Santa that moved us, and we are raising funds to answer them all. We have decided not to post this year’s letters at our site, but they are similar to our past letters, which you may view below. We’re asking you to contribute online to adopting these letters.

Our goal is to raise enough to send a $100 Target Gift Card to the Mom of each needy family, mark it “For your kids,” and let the Moms do the Christmas shopping.

Each letter below was adopted by our volunteers or sponsored online at this site. Children’s last names and addresses have been removed to protect their privacy.

Your tax-deductible donation will further our mission and help us send gifts directly to the needy families.

Click on any letter below for a larger image. Journalists will find a selection of high resolution photos and HD Broadcast quality video here.

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